“Shut Up In My Bones” is a creative writing in digital spaces/mixed media project that is an extension of A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing.  Hill’s media projects and poems continue to be recognized within national and international communities.

Digital Poetics in Context “DaMaris Hill’s Remixed Digital Poetics” by John Vilanova of MusiqologY

“Mixed media is the future, but it is also the past. Our memories have sound, vision, smell, taste. A good recording tells you the temperature of the room, the mood of the singer, and the response of the crowd. Video archives lend rhythm and subjectivity to the written word. In these times, our media is multi-purpose, multi-layered, and multi-sensory.

Black art-making is also embracing a multimodal turn, specifically in the musical realm. Beyoncé Knowles’s Lemonade expanded the concept of what an album could be by engaging with visual storytelling, bringing the concept of the visual album into the mainstream. Kanye West’s Runawayshort film realized his high-art aspirations in a complex flourish of dark twisted fantasy. Kahlil Joseph’s Double Conscience rendering of Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D City recordings fused the rapper’s Compton with magical realist beauty and experimentation.

Poetry is another arena where multi-media can enhance the experience, and we wanted to introduce our readers to the work of DaMaris B. Hill, an assistant professor of creative writing and African American and Africana Studies at the University of Kentucky. Inspired by Toni Morrison’s rememory and its potential as philosophical and aesthetic practice, Hill has recently published what she is calling a digital remix poem, “Shut Up In My Bones,” that combines sound, word, and image…” more